Getting started with MPGE and FBS

To access MPGE and to play FBS, you must be registered on the site.
For instructions on that, see the Registration page.

Once you are registered, you can log on to the site and play games.

Logging on

If you are not currently logged on, you will get the logon screen when you go to the home page.

Enter your username and password in the appropriate boxes and click the "login" button.

If you have forgotten your password, you can click on the "Lost password?" link. It will show you a page where you can enter the email address used to register your account.

Alone in the lobby

Once you are logged in, you are in the lobby. You’ll see the names of everyone else in the lobby.

The text box underneath the member list in the lobby is a “chat box”. Anything you type in the chat box (and then hit “enter”) will show in the gray box on the right of everyone connected to the lobby.

When your opponent has arrived and you're both ready to play, select the "Issue Challenge" option under the "Game" menu.

IMPORTANT: Only one person should select "Issue Challenge". The other person should wait for the challenge to be issued.

Issuing a challenge

After you've selected "Issue Challenge", you'll see this screen where you can select the game to play and your opponent. (Football Strategy is the only game available right now)

Once you've made your selections, click on the "Issue Challenge" button.

Accept Challenge

Your opponent will then see that they have been challenged.

They can either accept or reject the challenge. If the challenge is rejected, you should be returned to the lobby. (Note: There may still be an issue with this. If anything doesn't work, you can select the "Lobby" menu entry.)

Select chart

If the challenge is accepted, you then proceed to the start of the game itself. Both players start by selecting a chart

Note: Clicking your chart button doesn't make your decision. Nothing is selected until the "Use this chart" button is pressed and the "Selection" field under the buttons shows your selection.

Even after you have made your choice, you can still change your mind until your opponent has made their choice by selecting a different chart and clicking "Use this chart".

Pretty much everything works this way in the game. Making a selection doesn't make anything happen until the button below the choices has been clicked.

Calling the toss

The person making the challenge is the Home team. The person being challenged is the Visiting team. The visiting team calls the coin toss.
Again, note the "Call it" button. Your choice isn't made until it is clicked.

Winning the toss

The person who wins the toss gets to choose to Kick, Receive, or Defer.

Note: Choosing Kick does not mean you will receive the ball in the second half. If you want to receive the kick in the second half, you must select Defer in the first half.

Kick or receive

When the person winning the toss chooses to Defer, their opponent chooses between Kick and Receive

Kickoff choice

The person kicking off gets to choose between a Normal and an OnSide kick

Offense plays

After the kickoff has been resolved, then the offense and defense takes the field.

This is the offense selections:


Here are the defenses

When you get within Field Goal range, you will see a selection button for a Field Goal attempt along with the percent chance of success at the current line of scrimmage.

When you are on or inside the opponent's 20 yard line, you will no longer have plays 17 - 20 available. You will lose plays 13 - 16 on the opponent's 10.

When you are out of timeouts, or when it's inappropriate to call a time out, that button will not be available.

Hopefully you can figure it out from here.

Reconnect to a game

If you need to suspend a game, or if you lose your connection for any reason, you can use the "Reconnect to a game" menu option. It will bring up a page like this showing games in progress.
Select the game you wish to continue and you will be reconnected to that game.