Tournament details

Format: League format. All players will play a specific number of games to try to qualify for the playoffs. The playoffs will be single elimination. No more than half the number of participants will advance.

Teams will be divided into divisions of either four or five teams. The number and sizes of the divisions will be determined once the total number of participants have been identified. The top players, as determined by WBC FBS tournament wins and laurels, will be separated into different divisions. All others participants will be randomly assigned to a division.

The schedule will also be determined once the number of participants is known.

The number of games each player will play will depend upon the number of participants, but will not be more than half the number of participants. (e.g., if there are 20 participants, the regular season will be 10 games.)

The top team of each division, with the possibility of one or more wild-card teams (using a set of tie-breakers comparable to the current NFL rules) will advance to the playoffs.

The playoffs will be organized in a manner similar to the 2023 NFL playoffs. This means than enough byes will be granted in the first round such that the second and subsequent rounds contain an optimal number of teams. Also, in each round, the matchups will be set based on the playoff seeding of the remaining teams.

Once registration has closed, but before the season starts, I will publish the league structure. this will include the regular season schedule, the number of teams advancing to the playoffs

Scheduling games: Players are responsible for scheduling their own games, and can play their games in any order. While the only requirement is that all games must be completed before the end of the regular seasons, players should not fall more than four games behind the schedule, and must not have more than six games left to play in the last month.

For scheduling individual games, prime playing hours are being defined as Mon-Fri 5 PM-10 PM EDT, and 9 AM-9 PM EDT on Saturday and Sunday. People are free to schedule their games at any agreeable time, but these are the windows of time considered "most acceptable". If your only time to play is going to be between 1 AM and 6 AM EDT on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, you're going to have a tough time getting your games scheduled. (Yes, this is biased in favor of US Eastern and Central time zone hours. If you don't see yourself being available at all during these times, you may not want to commit to this event.)

While any reasonable and mutually agreeable method can be used between two people to try and schedule a game, I recommend using email.

If you do use email for communication, please send me a copy of all scheduling requests and your actual agreed-upon time to play. If you don't use email, please send me an email summarizing your attempts to get the game scheduled.

If two people are unable to complete their game during the season, I will adjudicate in favor of the person who has demonstrated the most initiative in trying to get their game scheduled and who has made themselves most available during the prime playing hours.

If I have no evidence from either player that an attempt was made to get the game played, both players will be awarded a loss for the purposes of the standings.

I also have access to the server logs showing when people are present on the site, and can verify no-shows.