Football Strategy Tournament

I am pleased to announce the 2023 BPA "Play By Email" tournament for Football Strategy. It is open only to members of the Boardgame Players Association (BPA). If you attend the World Boardgaming Championship (WBC), and are up to date on your registration fees for 2023, then you are already a member. If not, you can purchase an “Associate Membership” (PBEM only) for $10 from this website:

Tournament Format: For this to be an official BPA tournament, we must have at least 16 participants. This tournament will be run as a straight single-elimination tournament, with byes as necessary being assigned. (See the details page)

Tournament Length: Individual games are usually played "live" and should take less than 2 hours to complete. (However, the game engine does allow a game to be suspended and resumed at a later time.)

Each round is expected to be completed within a 2-week window.

Playing FBS online: This tournament will be run using my "Multi-Player Game Engine". See the notes on the instructions pages. Contact me if you have any questions. All games must be played on-line.

GM: Ken Whitesell
I will not be playing in the tournament, no official assistant GMs are assigned.

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